Solar Roof Top

Industries, institutes & households need continuous and regular access to power for various needs. Solar rooftop systems are designed to provide electricity in offices & homes with intermittent or no grid electricity. The solar rooftop system, being modular in construction, can be customized to generate and provide solutions based on your needs..

Solar Led Street Light

Solar street lighting system is ideal light for illuminating Highways, Village Road and street in town, Garden, Industry premises. No grid connection is required for illuminating solar street lights; it reduces the cost of cable, pole extension and losses in the cable

Solar Water Pumps

In India where agriculture is the base of the economy, through till date many of the area where land is very fertile but due to the unavailability of the electric supply, irrigation is almost impossible or very costly. To lift water for irrigation solar pumping systems are rapidly becoming more popular for agricultural irrigation, horticulture farms, forestry, fish farming, city parks, tourist sites, resorts, and even landscapes and fountains in residential areas can be run with solar power.